After asking a question: campaigning

What do I do after I post my question? Campaign.

Campaigning sounds like a lot of work, but with OurSay it’s not. You don’t need any experience, anyone can do it. You don’t need to hit the streets (although we’d love to see that!).

Campaigning starts with simply sharing your question with friends, family, co-workers and getting them to vote for it. We make it very easy to share your question through our website.

OurSay is a social media platform, so it makes sense to use the other social media that you use everyday to share your question and rally votes.

To the right of your question, there is a ‘sharing is caring box’ with buttons for:

Facebook Twitter Google+

You can also copy the short link above the buttons and post this wherever you like: on your blog, on other people’s blogs, on news websites, anywhere.

Don’t stop at social media. They are amazing ways to reach larger audiences, but no substitute for personal contact. Talk to your friends and family over dinner or a coffee. Tell them about an issue you’ve decided to make a difference about and ask them to give you a hand and a vote on OurSay.

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